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1937 Ford Fire Truck

Category: 1930s

1937 Ford Fire Truck - Details

We purchased this all original Ford Fire Truck from one of our customers in Indiana. The truck has only 2282 original miles and has not been restored, sporting the original patina. The truck was originally purchased new by an unknown fire department and later sold to the Wyocena, Wisconsin Fire Department and eventually ended up here. The truck is so heavy that our car hauler had two flat tires when delivering the truck. When it arrived, it started right up and backed into position in our museum. The engine ran perfectly. The clutch was good and the brakes functioned as new. Even the siren still works!

This truck has Ford’s famous 85 HP “Flathead” V-8 engine and has an attachment on the engine to operate the pump, which is under the driver’s seat. When fighting a fire, it was common to pump water out of a nearby lake or stream, so the truck would run a hose from the water supply and into the inlet side of the pump, where it was pushed out under high pressure to fight the fire! According to a retired fireman from Wyocena, Wisconsin, this truck was used only for small brush fires and seldom used, except for display purposes.

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