Over 50 Cars on Display!
Over 50 Cars on Display!
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Diner Exhibit

This is a replica of unique 1950s Diners that were often made from old railroad cars. They were hauled into place by truck and lifted by crane and set onto a foundation. A kitchen was usually built behind the Diner for food preparation. While thousands of Diners were built, few remain today.

This 28′ long x 4′ deep Rt. 446 Diner was designed by Rob Athey, and built in our shop at TP Tools. Stud wall framework and plywood floor were then covered by metal walls, roof, and entranceway. Over 1000 pounds of steel were used in the construction and over 200 man-hours to complete the project. Kirker paint was applied by Bob Darney, using our HVLP Paint Spray System. Diehl’s Art Glass did the glass work and Neiheisel Electric did the lighting and neon feature strips. Mark Torella fabricated the corners and clock framework. Many of our other employees assisted – Thanks everyone!

After it was completed, it was moved on rollers from our shop to this building and set into position. Lettering was done by Matt Willoughby.

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