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1923 Model TT Ford Truck

Category: 1910-1929

1923 Model TT Ford Truck - Details

Barn find! They are still out there somewhere!

This 1923 Model TT “C-Cab” 1-Ton Truck was found in an old workshop barn in Damascus, Ohio. Under many coats of paint was a very solid, no-rust truck that was purchased from the 96-year old widow of the previous owner. Her husband was a skilled wood worker who spent long hours working on the cab and body over many years.

Truck has the original wood spoke wheels, 4-cylinder engine, and it will still run! Inside is a new old stock floor mat and newly upholstered seat. It takes some skill to operate this truck, as it has 3 foot pedals! To save costs, Henry Ford used brakes on the rear wheels only. More than 15 million Model T Fords were sold from 1908 through 1927.

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