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1929 Cadillac Phaeton

Category: 1910-1929

1929 Cadillac Phaeton - Details

This Model 341B Cadillac has a 140-inch wheelbase and weighs 5,160 pounds. It listed for $3,950 in 1929, when Model A Fords were selling for $400. The extremely rare Fisher-bodied Sport Phaeton featured a folding rear windshield for the comfort of the rear-seat passengers and for a sporty look.

New features on all 1929 Cadillacs included chrome plating and safety glass, as well as synchronized three-speed transmission, which eliminated the need to double-clutch when shifting gears. A Cadillac 341 cubic inch V8 engine and optional high-compression heads provided plenty of power and low-end torque. Wire wheels, with both spare tires held in place by leather straps, and flood lights mounted on the running boards make this 1929 Cadillac a true classic. An optional Cadillac-labeled trunk holds the side curtains, boot, and tools. This car is in running condition and starts easily on the first turn!

History: While all details are unknown, it is believed that his car spent time in Florida and was purchased by the previous owner about 10-15 years ago at an auction in Atlantic City. It has won a Cadillac-LaSalle Club “Senior” Badge, as well as a Classic Car Club of America “Premier” Badge. These judging awards are only for the finest of cars.

Check out the outstanding leather interior, the wire wheels, and the driving lights that turn with the steering wheel. We are very fortunate to have this fine car in our collection, as it is one of a few true all-time Classic Cars!

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