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1929 Model 640 Packard Phaeton

Category: 1910-1929

1929 Model 640 Packard Phaeton - Details

This outstanding 1929 Packard is a “Dual Cowl Phaeton”, which has a metal covering that contains a folding windshield to protect the rear seat passengers from dust, wind and rain. This cowl, which is hinged in front, is pulled back so that it rests in place over the legs of the rear seat passengers. The windshield is then pulled up so as to protect these passengers. Since there are no side windows, there is plenty of wind in the rear seat area, so this windshield is a necessity.

Another feature of this car is the trunk on the rear of the car. This was also an extra cost and is also very rare, since it is labeled “Packard Motor Car”. Engine has 8 cylinders (384.8 cu. inches) & delivers 105 HP @ 3200 RPM. This car weighs about 4,500 pounds.

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