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1929 Model A Ford Pickup

Category: 1910-1929

1929 Model A Ford Pickup - Details

This well-preserved and original Model A is a “closed cab pickup truck”. Bed capacity is 1/4 ton (500 pounds). In the early 1970s this truck was made into a Firestone Service Truck to supply road service to vehicles in need. On the passenger side running board are three containers: The red can contains fuel, blue contains water and yellow contains oil. Truck has a spotlight on driver’s side door for extra lighting when servicing vehicles. 

A supply of Model A Ford parts and tools are stored in the Firestone box in the bed of the truck. This older restoration was located in Virginia in 2010 and was an Antique Auto Club Regional 1st place winner in 1975.

Color is original Rock Moss Green with black fenders, black headlight buckets and black radiator. Henry Ford made all trucks this same color combination in 1928 and 1929.  A chrome accessory bug-deflector was added for improved appearance. Tires are Firestone whitewalls. Interior appears to be original. Mileage is original and engine number matches the number on the frame.

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