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Over 50 Cars on Display!
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1930 Cadillac “LaSalle” Convertible

Category: 1930s

1930 Cadillac “LaSalle” Convertible - Details

Of all the cars in our museum, this is probably the most rare and valuable of all. This is one of the two best in the world of this model and had a $200,000 restoration about 15 years prior to our purchase in 2012 at the Cadillac LaSalle show in Columbus.

If you look under the car, you will see that the underside is the same as the exterior and “perfect” – far better than when the car was new. Nothing can compare to such detail in a car from the 1930s, when Cadillacs were truly a superior brand – bar none.

The car has a “Golf Club Compartment” to store a set of wooden shaft golf clubs in a canvas bag, and original Cadillac accessory Trunk to store luggage and original jack and lug wrench. This car starts easily & its big Cadillac Flathead Engine provides plenty of power and torque. Brakes are mechanical, but work very well. A perfectly restored car with a very interesting history. Our finest!

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