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1951 Willys M38 Jeep

Category: 1950s

1951 Willys M38 Jeep - Details

This U.S. Army M38 Jeep was located in Toledo, Ohio, and purchased by Fred Zwicker, the original owner and founder of Tip Tools. Fred served in Tokyo and Korea in the mid-1950s as a Counter-Intelligence Agent and had a similar Jeep that was used for surveillance and other purposes in Seoul, Korea (308 CIC – Counter-Intelligence Corp.). Some years back, the previous owner completed a ten-year body-off restoration, returning the Jeep to its original U.S. Army specifications.

This Jeep is extremely rare, almost as if out of a time capsule. U.S. Army Jeeps were made by Willys between 1949 and 1952. Total production was about 46,000 units, far less than the approximate 500,000 of WWII Jeeps made by Willys and Ford. Unlike the civilian Jeep CJ-3A, this military version has a reinforced frame and waterproof 24-volt electrical system (two 12-volt batteries connected in series). The M-38 windshield could be folded down for firing and the headlights have a guard wire in front. This Jeep can be operated when submerged underwater as the tailpipe is curved to allow such operation.

Unlike many of our vehicles, this Jeep is being displayed “as found”, as we prefer to show exactly how it looked during the early 1950s. Mechanically, it has been serviced and is in good running condition.

Specifications: Length 133”, Width 62”, Height 69-¾”, Wheelbase 80”, Ground Clearance 9”, Weight 2,625 lbs., Willys 4-Cylinder 60-65 HP L-head 134.2 cubic inch Engine Displacement with 105 lb-ft Torque, Fuel Capacity 13 Gallons (17 MPG), Engine has 3 main bearings and a Carter downdraft carburetor.

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