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Over 50 Cars on Display!
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1958 Lincoln Continental Mk III

Category: 1950s

1958 Lincoln Continental Mk III - Details

This is one of the most dependable and nicest riding cars ever built, with only 54,000 original miles. Originally a California car – spotless, and can be driven anywhere at highway speeds.

Original cost in 1958 was $5,765 and only 2,328 were built, of which few remain. Overall length of 229 inches and a wheelbase of 131 inches make it one of the largest cars ever built. A huge 430 inch V8 engine provides plenty of power.

Electric windows (including fly windows and rear window) provide plenty of ventilation on summer days. While this has always been a “non-smoker” car, it has 5 cigarette lighters: one on the dashboard, each door and each rear side panel.

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