Over 50 Cars on Display!
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Over 50 Cars on Display!
Open Saturdays 10am to 3pm - FREE Admission!

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1964 1/2 Ford D-Code Mustang

1964 1/2 Ford D-Code Mustang - Details

The first generation of the Mustang gained a worldwide cult-car status, and the convertible version became a hit just as much as the fastback version.

The original pony-car and the wild horse badge on its grille helped the car be recognized at a glance. Ford designed the Mustang for the younger generation. This car was equipped with a big 289 CI V-8 engine and 4-speed manual transmission that could tear-up the tarmac and impress your friends.

The top-down version featured a power-roof. It was an era where a car had to show some drama to be taken into consideration by the market, and the Mustang convertible had it all: the easy to recognize front fascia, the open-top, and the specific taillights in the back with three vertical light strips. On its sides, a subtle combination of lines converged toward the rear quarter panels.

There were two bucket seats in the front with a floor-mounted gearshift and a backbench. In front of the driver, the complete dash-panel with its four round dials and a wide speedometer completed the image of that special car.

A rotisserie build was completed in 2023 with several upgrades, AM/FM radio, new Classic Auto Air, upgraded power front disc brakes with 4-piston calipers and dual master cylinder, fog lights and new 15” Styled Steel wheels and tires. The undercarriage is highly detailed with red oxide floors and blue overspray.

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