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1966 Corvette

Category: 1960s

1966 Corvette - Details

This car was originally purchased in 1975 from the original “lady owner” by Fred Zwicker as a surprise birthday gift for his wife, Nancy. Car was in near-perfect, original condition, other than the usual fine spider cracks in the fiberglass paint.

This Corvette has the original 327 cubic inch, 300 HP numbers – matching engine and Power Glide automatic transmission and has never been abused or raced. Present original mileage – 64,000.

In 2000, Nancy gave this car to her son, Robert Zwicker for his 35th birthday. Robert kept the car in pristine condition until 2006, when a “body-off” restoration was undertaken by Bob Darney. Every part of the car was disassembled and restored or replaced until the car is now exactly the same as the day it was driven off the assembly line in 1966. Car was repainted original Milano Maroon, using TP Tools HVLP Paint Spray System.

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