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Over 50 Cars on Display!
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1967 Pontiac GTO – Original Car

Category: 1960s

1967 Pontiac GTO – Original Car - Details

This GTO is 100% original, including original paint, engine, chrome, glass and interior. The first owner of this car bought it new in 1967, and was later drafted into the U.S. Army, fighting in Vietnam. In October of 1967, he was reported missing in action.

His immediate family kept the car in original condition in Lorain, Ohio. The car was driven on a regular basis to keep it in running condition. Car was carefully maintained and stored indoors for over 45 years. Eventually it was sold to TP Tools in 2012 for display in this car museum. Plans are to keep this car in an “as found” and original condition to preserve its interesting history. You will never see another like this.

Car has a 400 cu. Inch V-8 Pontiac engine, Hurst Shifter with 2 barrel Carburetor (a very rare option in 1967).

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