Over 50 Cars on Display!
Open Saturdays 10am to 3pm - FREE Admission!
Over 50 Cars on Display!
Open Saturdays 10am to 3pm - FREE Admission!


Mopar Neon Sign

When you visit TP Tools Auto Museum, you will see more than classic cars. On display are new and old auto, railroad, Coca-Cola, soda bar, and gas station memorabilia, along with new and old porcelain and neon signs. Be sure to see our replica 50’s diner, malt shop, Coca-Cola soda bar, and our gallery themed … Read more

Our “Employees”

Lasalle Display

We have the perfect employees….they are never late for work, they stay at their work station, they never get sick, and they work for a reasonable wage.

Diner Exhibit

50s Diner Exhibit 5

This is a replica of unique 1950s Diners that were often made from old railroad cars. They were hauled into place by truck and lifted by crane and set onto a foundation. A kitchen was usually built behind the Diner for food preparation. While thousands of Diners were built, few remain today. This 28′ long … Read more

Soda Bar Exhibit

Soda Bar Exhibit 2

Vintage soda bar and chocolate malt bar. When you visit our Car Museum in Canfield, Ohio, be sure to take a good look at our 50’s Soda Bar and Vintage Chocolate Malt Back Bar from the early 1940s. The Chocolate Malt Bar was the original back bar from Strouss’ Department Store in downtown Youngstown, Ohio. … Read more

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