Over 50 Cars on Display!
Over 50 Cars on Display!
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1917 Buick D-4-35

1917 Buick D-4-35 1

This well-preserved and original early Buick was owned and restored by the same owner for 34 years, and it was his only antique car. It has been in the Cincinnati area most of its life and was purchased at the Glenmoor Gathering auction in 2010. The current restoration of this car began in 1969, with … Read more

1923 Model TT Ford Truck

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Barn find! They are still out there somewhere! This 1923 Model TT “C-Cab” 1-Ton Truck was found in an old workshop barn in Damascus, Ohio. Under many coats of paint was a very solid, no-rust truck that was purchased from the 96-year old widow of the previous owner. Her husband was a skilled wood worker … Read more

1929 Cadillac Phaeton

1929 Cadillac Phaeton 1

This Model 341B Cadillac has a 140-inch wheelbase and weighs 5,160 pounds. It listed for $3,950 in 1929, when Model A Fords were selling for $400. The extremely rare Fisher-bodied Sport Phaeton featured a folding rear windshield for the comfort of the rear-seat passengers and for a sporty look. New features on all 1929 Cadillacs … Read more

1929 Model 640 Packard Phaeton

1929 Model 640 Packard 1

This outstanding 1929 Packard is a “Dual Cowl Phaeton”, which has a metal covering that contains a folding windshield to protect the rear seat passengers from dust, wind and rain. This cowl, which is hinged in front, is pulled back so that it rests in place over the legs of the rear seat passengers. The … Read more

1929 Model A Ford Pickup

1929 Ford Model A Pickup 2

This well-preserved and original Model A is a “closed cab pickup truck”. Bed capacity is 1/4 ton (500 pounds). In the early 1970s this truck was made into a Firestone Service Truck to supply road service to vehicles in need. On the passenger side running board are three containers: The red can contains fuel, blue … Read more

1930 Ford Model A Police Car

1930 Ford Model A 1

This 40 H.P. Ford was an older restoration from Pittsburgh, and is part of our collection. In our shop, we converted it into a Canfield Township Police Car, complete with flashing red lights and Police Car Logos on doors and rear spare tire. This will surely help rid Canfield Township of crime and speeding cars. … Read more

1930 Cadillac “LaSalle” Convertible

1930 Cadillac LaSalle Convertible 1

Of all the cars in our museum, this is probably the most rare and valuable of all. This is one of the two best in the world of this model and had a $200,000 restoration about 15 years prior to our purchase in 2012 at the Cadillac LaSalle show in Columbus. If you look under … Read more

1930 Ford Model A Roadster

1930 Ford Model A Roadster - Front Angle View

Beige with black fenders. Did you know that all Model A Fords had black fenders and splash shield between running board and body? Roadsters did not have side roll up windows – instead had side curtains made of canvas and with plastic covered openings for viewing. These were held in place with round metal frame … Read more

1931 Chevrolet “Taxi Cab”

1931 Chevrolet Taxi 2

Here is a nice older 1931 Chevrolet Deluxe Independence Sedan, with 194 cubic inch 60 Horsepower 6-Cylinder Engine and 3-speed Manual Transmission. Mechanically runs and drives great and has a new mohair interior. Side mounted spare tire and mostly all new chrome give this car a neat look from the 30s. We were very fortunate … Read more

1932 American Austin Roadster

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Established in 1930, the American Austin Car Company built compact mini cars in Butler, PA. Sales were low, even at a base price of $445, and American Austin filed for bankruptcy in 1934. In 1938, production resumed under the new name “American Bantam”. With the onset of WWII in 1941, car production ceased. Bantam’s resources … Read more

1932 Ford Roadster

1932 Ford Roadster Right-Front View

This pro-built ’32 Ford started with a steel Brookville Roadster body and dropped it onto a SoCal stepped and boxed frame for a sturdy foundation. Obviously starting with all new steel means no surprises underneath and if you’re familiar with the Brookville bodies, they’re unquestionably the best in the industry. They’re also built the way … Read more

1934 Dodge Street Rod Pickup

1934 Dodge Pickup 1

Fred Zwicker first purchased this truck during a heavy snow storm in the winter of 1973 from the owner of Grach Brothers Speed Shop in Poland, Ohio. Truck had roll bars, chopped fenders, etc. The truck was a top contender at the nearby Salem Drag Strip. It was later restored at Tip Tools to a … Read more

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